Get used to the Dutch traffic

Traffic in busy cities can take some getting used to. Maybe in your home country they drive on the left or the traffic is much quieter. Driving School Amsterdam can help you out with both of those situations! Our lessons are entirely focused on effective and high-quality English driving lessons from our experienced instructors. Thanks to our refresher driving lessons, you’ll be used to the busy roads of Amsterdam and its surroundings as well as others no time!

Refresher driving school Amsterdam

Reducing the risk of accidents

Reducing the risk of accidents can also be a reason for taking a refresher course. Research shows that motorists who have taken a refresher course are less likely to have an accident. This is because they have refreshed their knowledge of traffic rules and insights and improved their driving skills.

Saving on your car insurance

Some car insurance companies offer discounts on premiums if you have taken a refresher course. This is because they know that drivers who have taken refresher driving lessons have a lower risk of having an accident.

Enjoy driving more after the lessons

If you feel safer and more comfortable behind the wheel, you will enjoy driving more. A refresher course can help you achieve this. Refreshing your driving skills will also make it easier to drive long distances abroad.

Safety for yourself and others

By refreshing your knowledge and skills, you contribute to safer traffic for yourself and others. You learn to recognize and avoid risks, and you are better prepared for unexpected situations through refresher driving lessons.

Why should you take refresher driving lessons in Amsterdam?

Refresher driving lessons can help you with:

  • Driving after a while
  • Driving on Dutch highways and narrow streets
  • Driving on the busy Amsterdam canals including dealing with bikers
  • Performing particular acts such as parking in small places
  • Understand the Dutch traffic signs and traffic rules
  • Be confident behind the wheel, even if you don’t have much experience
Get Lessons

How many lessons you need?

The average number of lessons(50 minutes) for the driving license is approximately 39(according to a CBR survey among exam candidates in 2019). The number of driving lessons you need is different for everyone. Not everyone learns equally quickly. Let the instructor of your driving school estimate how many driving lessons you need. He can do this best from experience.

    Refresher English Driving lessons Amsterdam


    Feel confident again with refreshing driving lessons

    It is hugely important to feel confident as soon as you get in the car. While driving, there should be no doubts in your driving behavior. By sitting firmly behind the wheel, you prevent other road users from having doubts too. Drive safely and confidently through refreshing driving lessons in Amsterdam!

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    Reviews From Our Students

    Driving School Amsterdam is always focused on success.

    We had a very intense and productive class series with Driving School Amsterdam, and we had a very comfortable exam thanks to her strategy and experience.
    I passed the exam the first time. The knowledge I have learned in theory has been applied well in practice.

    Saffet Senih Çilesiz / From Turkey

    Good driving lessons. It’s just a pity that they don’t give driving lessons during corona. Hopefully I get my driver’s license in 1x after corona

    Olivier de Beer

    Thanks for the good lessons my friends!! Hope to see you in a bar in Amsterdam. Cheers!

    Jack Brownn / From London, UK

    Good Driving school. always on time at the lesson and good instructions

    Frank Jones / From Japan

    Best driving school in Amsterdam! Thanks for the lessons! I got my Dutch driver’s license the first time

    Zasha Swan / From Australia